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Aries Rank VII

An ultimate (or ultra) rare unit that shoots out two bright blue beams continuously for a short period of time at a target. It is the least common normal rare (needs confirmation) unit. The Aries is also considered the strongest unit in game for sheer damage, and is likely to wipe most enemies with ease. Despite having less damage than a Rank VII Nyon Exist, its delay is over 3 times shorter. Before the Aries can be used it must be activated, which requires the sacrifice of three rank VII units (Rank 7) and 1,000,000 gold. Its upgrades consist of boosted attack power and longer lasting beams.


Ultra Amplifier: +35-215% attack power (10 levels)

Vitality: +10%-100% beam duration (10 levels)

Activate: Sacrifice 3 rank VII to make the Aries work. Also costs 1,000,000

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