The Blue Massacrist is Nikki's personal Mega-Craft.


Overview Edit

The Blue Massacrist is Nikki's personal Mega-Craft. It is one of three Class One Mega-Craft in the game. After Villalobos sends Death Assassin to execute the player and it is destroyed, he then has Nikki come and deal with you. Nikki actually responds somewhat excited, saying he hasn't used his Mega-Craft in a long time.

Attacks Edit

Blasters Edit

Nikki's unmistakable trademark attack is to fill the screen with "laser" beams. The Blue Massacrist is constantly spamming lasers, and the worst part is that they also stun your units. The main ship launches rapid-fire lasers in a single direction, while the arms launch three-shot spread bursts. The main guns can also shoot large shots that pierce through everything.

Missiles Edit

The Blue Massacrist sometimes launches small triangular missiles all over the place, which can stun your units. Nikki will throw these out every once in a while. He can also shoot bursts of two larger missiles that explode in a large splash and always stun.

Stars Edit

The small guns near the sides of the Blue Massacrist can shoot glowing stars out every once in a while

Other Edit

The arms sometimes whack your base while shooting. This can be somewhat annoying.

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