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Darkness Barrier

Darkness Barrier Rank II

The Darkness Barrier is an ultra rare unit. Its upgrades are absorbing damage for a certain amount of time. An upgrade that has a chance to insta-kill units if they attack it. And Darkness alloy that increases it health by 20 each upgrade. It still has the potiential for 600+ hitpoints without buffs.


Insta-Death - Has a one percent chance of killing some enemies instantly.

Darkness Alloy - Increases max hp

Level 1 - Increases health by 20

Level 2 - Increases health by 40

Level 3 - Increases health by 60

Level 4 - Increases health by 80

Level 5 - Increases health by 100

Level 6 - Increases health by 120

Level 7 - Increases health by 140

Level 8 - Increases health by 160

Level 9 - Increases health by 180

Level 10 - Increases health by 200

Darkness Drain - Goes into drain mode every 25 seconds, absorbing all damage for a certain amount of time.

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