Fira Zevon Rank VII

The Fira Zevon is an bonus unit. It has a 55% chance to inflict chaos, and when it kills an enemy, the enemy explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies. It does approximately 6 times the damage of a Korazon single target (Though lacks the HP buff), and only about 10% less than a Nyon Exist! It also has a square hitbox slightly smaller than a Korazon.

However, the Fira Zevon's rounds do not pierce shielded or unshielded enemies, which greatly reduces it's usefulness, especially in PvP.

Furthermore, the Fira Zevon does only 40% of the damage of a Devas Nero. So unless you really like enemies exploding on death, and strongly prefer 55% chaos to 28% darkness, it's probably best to leave the Fira Zevon out of your base.

For all the negatives of the Fira Zevon, it has at least one thing going for it: It's stream of golden bullets looks incredibly awesome alongside Lightbringer's lasers. And at the end of the day, isn't that what really matters? :P


Fira Blast: Causes enemies to explode on death. (1 level) (Cost: 37,500)

Ultra Amplifier: +35%-225% Damage Boost. (10 levels)

  • Cost: 3400, 3200, 5850, 9000, 12600, 16550, 20850, 25450, 30400, 35600
  • TOTAL: 162,900

Inflict Chaos: 10%-55% of inflicting chaos.(10 levels)

  • Cost: 5650, 4050, 7400, 11400, 15900, 20950, 26400, 32250, 38500, 45050
  • TOTAL: 207,500

TOTAL (for all upgrades): 407,900 gold, and $5 to a really awesome indie developer.
  • = Cost with 25% discount upgrade


Damage 4.6 58
Hitpoints 40 132

Delay: 0.7


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