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Infinite Fortress

Infinite Fortress 5 Chance Finding Rare Uinit

Infinite Fortress is a rare defensive unit. Similarly to the Defensive Wall, it surpasses the defensive capabilities of the Aegis Barrier by boasting better cover and HP, rapid auto-healing and massive healing multipliers, but it trades the Wall's higher maximum HP for a resistance to negative effects.


Auto Heal: Heal one HP every 2.8-0.1 sec (10 levels )( 0.3 reduction per level for a total of 2.7 reduction )
Healing Amplifier: Increase effect of healing by 50-550% (10 levels)(+50% per level for a total of +500%)
Neg Resistance: 7-25% chance of resisting a negative effect (7 levels)( +3% per level for a total of +18%)

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