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The maximum range of a Neg Voider and its ideal placement in a base. Note that it can reach any unit in the base.

Description Edit

Range is the measure of the maximum distance at which a unit can target an enemy. This can be increased by these upgrades: Spiral Force, Team Advance, Sigma Shift, and Team Boost. This boost is very helpful to most units. However, some units fire projectiles that will dissipate after travelling a set distance, so the unit may target an enemy but be incapable of hitting it, meaning that these types of units do not benefit from range boosts. Range only affects how far a unit can "see", not how far it can shoot. Range is denoted by a circle visible around a unit if the cursor scrolls over it, or if the unit is clicked on. Certain units do not have a specified range. Certain units may also be unable to receive range boosts from allies.

Units Edit

That Do Not Benefit From Range Boosts: Edit



That are Unable to Increase Range at All: Edit

Sanctum Beacon


Neg Voider

That Share/Receive Range Upgrades: Edit

Zycon Storm (Team Advance, Sigma Shift)

Chargor (Team Boost)

Vira Healer (Spiral Force)

Core Blaster (Spiral Force)

That Do Not Have a Specific Range (that attack or heal): Edit

Elson Demi

Arcane Wrath

Vira Savior

ZAC Fighters

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