Rare units are units randomly dropped by enemies.

Zava Detector Upgrade

Rare units are often placed in three categories, Rare units, semi-rare, and ultra-rare, according to the chance of obtaining them. Rare units are rather common, semi-rare units are slightly harder to find, and ultra-rare units are extremely difficult to obtain. Buying the Zava Detector upgrade for the Tech Center will increase your chance of getting rare units. Whether it stacks or not is being debated. In addition to the Zava Detector, bonus content increases the chance of finding rare units, especially ultra-rare.

Rare Units

Gold Generator

Sanctum Beacon

Arcane Wrath

Defensive Wall

Infinite Fortress

Semi-Rare Units


The Legend

The Lightbringer


Ultra-Rare Units


Darkness Barrier

Vira Ultima

  • Aries IconGo to Aries
  • Darkness Barrier IconGo to Darkness Barrier
  • Thor IconGo to Thor
  • Vira UltimaGo to Vira Ultima
  • The LedgendGo to Ledgend
  • The LightbringerGo to The Lightbringer
  • Gold GeneratorGo to Gold Generator
  • Sanctum BeaconGo to Sanctum Beacon
  • Defensive WallGo to Defensive Wall
  • Infinite FortressGo to Infinite Fortress
  • Arcane WrathGo to Arcane Wrath
  • Gold Generator Icon
  • Infinite Fortress Icon
  • Defensive Wall Icon
  • Tesla Icon
  • Sanctus Beacon Icon

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