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"Rare Units" Are Units Randomly Dropped By Enemies"

Zava Detector Upgrade

Buying Zava Detector Will Increase Your Chance Of Getting One & It Does Stack!Edit
Bonus Content Also Will Help You Get Ultra-RaresEdit

Rare Units

Gold Generator

Sanctum Beacon

Arcane Wrath

Defensive Wall

Infinite Fortress

Semi-Rare Units


The Legend

The Lightbringer

Ultra-Rare Units

Aries Note: Aries Isn't Actually An Ultra-Rare,Just A Rare


Darkness Barrier

Vira Ultima

  • Aries IconGo to Aries
  • Darkness Barrier IconGo to Darkness Barrier
  • Thor IconGo to Thor
  • Vira UltimaGo to Vira Ultima
  • The LedgendGo to Ledgend
  • The LightbringerGo to The Lightbringer
  • Gold GeneratorGo to Gold Generator
  • Sanctum BeaconGo to Sanctum Beacon
  • Defensive WallGo to Defensive Wall
  • Infinite FortressGo to Infinite Fortress
  • Arcane WrathGo to Arcane Wrath

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