Spiral Force

Spiral Force Rank 10 Icon

Spiral Force increases the maximum range of a unit by up to 10 units of distance. For the Vira Healer this upgrade is extremely useful because it increases the distance the unit can heal and provide stat boosts. Spiral Force is less useful on the Core Blaster in the presence of a boss as the Core Blaster can push the boss even further away. In some circumstances this may be useful, but Spiral Force can be harmful on the Core Blaster when it causes enemies to be pushed out of range of your damage units.

Spiral Force
Level Upgrade Cost +X Maximum Range
1 1600 1
2 1300 2
3 2400 3
4 3650 4
5 5100 5
6 6700 6
7 8450 7
8 10350 8
9 12350 9
10 14450 10

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