Team Integrity

Team Integrity Rank 10 Icon

Team Integrity provides a flat boost to the maximum HP of all units in range of the source unit. The Vira Healer and Chargor are two units which provide this status effect. Although the HP boost is small compared to Matrix Enhancer or [[Terra Alloy] upgrades it can be extremely useful when stacked multiple times, such as when there are many Chargors on the field. This upgrade is most useful when combined with the range boosts from a Chargor as it can easily cover an entire base.

Team Integrity
Level Upgrade Cost

+X Max HP to units in range

1 2250 3
2 2100 5
3 3900 6
4 6000 8
5 8400 9
6 11000 11
7 13900 12
8 16950 14
9 20250 15
10 23700 17

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