The Lightbringer

The Lightbringer Rank VII

An upgraded version of The Legend, The Lightbringer is the second best unit in the game next to Aries. This beam laser will carve through most enemies with ease, and put most weapons to shame. Upgrades to make it stronger, fire longer, and then cause enemies killed by it to explode for AoE damage on the enemies. Requires to have gotten The Legend rare drop and upgraded it (at the cost of 3 Rank V or higher units and 100,000 gold).

(Note: Upon upgrade, Rank and all upgraded stats will drop to 1.)


  • Ultra Amplifier: +35-215% attack power (10 levels)
  • Devastation: Enemies explode when killed
  • Vitality: Increase laser duration by 10-100% (10 levels) (only available after upgrading to The Lightbringer) (starts at level 1)