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Vira Ultima

vira Ultima Rank VII

The Vira Ultima is an ultra-rare unit. The unit's main purpose is to heal massive amounts of health and remove negative effects from units such as a Neg Voider would. It is more of a two-way player. The only catch is that its delay of 10.5 seconds can mean that it attempts to heal after a unit has been destroyed, and it can only heal one unit at any given time. It is built by Vira, a pioneering company that originated from the medical industry, and progressed on to use nano machines inside capsules to "heal" ships and units.

The word Vira means "faith" which may be in reference to priests being used as the healers in most RPG games.


Darkness alloy: +20-200 hp(10 levels) Level 1 cost 200 000 (150 000)*

Team Vehemence: +8-35 hp (10 levels) Level 1 cost 700 000. (525 000)*

Ultima Heal: Full heals units and removes all negative effects.(1 level). Cost 4 500 000 (3 375 000)*

  • = Cost with 25% discount upgrade.

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