X-Rank: Permanently rank a random unit to RX. Extremely rare.

  • Note: If this ranks up a Aegis Barrier, you cannot upgrade to Titan Barrier.
  • Need confirmation on same effect with Nova and ZACAs.
  • Adds +100HP to base value.

Rarity and drop requirements Edit

- Requirement 1: The game generates random number between 0 and 1. If the value is smaller than 0.000015 then proceed to Requirement 2.

- Requirement 2: Fion Drone Dump Site kills are > 2000

- Requirement 3: Highest level available is >15 (i.e. Zone One beaten)

If all 3 of the above are achieved, the killed unit drops X-Rank.

Maximal amount of X-Rank units that you can have: 5

/Taken directly from the game code./


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